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Saturday, 24 July 2010 13:31

Foster Care for Dogs

Why Foster?

Fostering is a rewarding experience without necessarily committing to adding another dog permanently to your home.  Many dogs depend on fosters to help them out of urgent situations at the shelter or to get them out of a harmful or stressful place.  Some dogs just do not do well in kennels, but they can be amazingly different outside of that stressful kennel environment.  Going To The Dogs Rescue takes care of all the vetting costs associated with these dogs including their vaccines, spay or neuter, wormer, etc. In some cases we can even provide food if we receive enough supply/donations to do so.


Foster Application

We are looking for homeowners or renters that are allowed to have dogs.

  • Some dogs will require a fenced yard, but not all, it depends on the dogs needs but we can place accordingly.
  • Must be over 21yrs
  • Must have owned a dog before or have experience with caring for dogs.
  • Must be willing to work on minor behavioral characteristics like potty training, chewing up things left on the floor like sneakers, crate training, etc.  All of our fosters utilize crate training for safety, if you refuse to crate a dog, then this may not be the best option for you because our concern is primarily on the welfare of the dog in your care.

We do NOT foster out aggressive dogs or ones that are a safety concern, but sometimes you get dogs that have these minor issues that can EASILY be worked on to improve their adoptability!  We offer free obedience classes in Rochester for all of our fosters if you are interested in improving the dogs chances at finding a forever home.

  • Must be willing to have a home visit done as well as the possibility of potential adopters meet with you (does not have to be in your home).
  • Must be willing/able to bring dogs to well/sick visit appointments as needed as well as to adoption events nearest you.  This would be a minimum of 1x every 2 months.
  • Must be willing to attend at least 2 trainings a year to learn more about GTTD and how we are always concerned with helping our rescued dogs we well as our community and are always looking for ways to better through training opportunities.



Are you thinking of getting a new pet but are unsure if a dog will fit your family situation/lifestyle right?

With our Foster-2-Adopt Program we allow you to "foster" the dog for 2 weeks and be able to bond and make that decision to keep or decline to keep the dog based on your experience. Our dogs will be fully vaccinated and altered prior to coming into your home.

A few important notes to make are:

  • Most dogs take 2 weeks to acclimate to the new environment so we request that you please give the dog the full 2 weeks before making a decision. Many dogs "act out" if they are under a lot of stress from a new environment. We highly recommend that there is a 2 week "shut down" period and provide articles on how to achieve a great experience with your new dog.
  • We also recommend that if you choose not to adopt the dog that you consider fostering them after you make the decision. This is for obvious reasons that we hope that you choose to adopt, but if you do not we may not have alternate placing for the dog in some cases. Our foster homes fill up quickly and we cannot always guarantee that a space is open at the exact time you decide to not keep a dog. If there are serious concerns as to why you cannot keep the dog, we will obviously look to find a better solution ASAP.

We do not charge an adoption fee until you make the decision to adopt after the 2 week program.
If interested in this program please fill out a foster application and note that you wish to be a part of our F-2-A program.


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